Finding Compassion, Ignoring the Choppers

4th grade art on the wall.
Can you name the warm and cool colors? Fourth graders recently finished this assignment, where they learned about the difference between the two.

When I look at the responses to my recent post Decisions, decisions, which, in case it’s not obvious, I wrote from “the depths of despair,” (shout-out to Anne of Green Gables), I am filled with gratitude. Thank you everyone for your support.

Yesterday, something shifted, and I remembered compassion. Funny how easy it is to remind others to be compassionate toward themselves, but when it comes to me, I tend to forget. As soon as I recalled the words of a teacher, to “give myself grace,” I began to feel better.

A couple of people expressed concern over the fact that I took a stroll after dark, and that concern is completely understandable.

Much more frightening (at least to me), however, is the helicopter circling over my apartment right now. The time is 3a.m., and it’s my first time waking up to the sounds of the Israeli military. Why do they keep circling? How come I can’t see them out my window? Wild dogs are barking, adding to the melee.

Tensions have been very high during the last week after Palestinians shot and killed two Israeli settlers near Huwwara checkpoint, just outside of Nablus. There has since been a rash of settler violence directed toward Palestinians, as well as arrests, home demolition orders, and threats by the Israeli security forces.

Is nonviolence a privilege? What would it take for peace? Is violence something that is inside of each and every one of us, biological and unextractable? Even if it is innate, can our hearts and minds give us the will to control it?

Everyone deserves peace and compassion. I am glad that I remembered that it exists within me. Perhaps it exists within us all.

8 thoughts on “Finding Compassion, Ignoring the Choppers

  1. You are such a remarkable person! You seem to be able to find a state of grace in every situation you find yourself in. Where there is terror and fear, you find inner calm and hope, and find your inner peace.

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    1. The demolition order that I heard about is apparently for the family of the man who shot the settlers at Huwwara checkpoint. Can you imagine if a person in your family committed a crime and the entire family was punished for it?


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