And so it begins.

imageAn Art Teacher Abroad–sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Before I get to Nablus–yes, Nablus, aka the West Bank, aka the Occupied Palestinian Territories, aka Palestine–I am stopping in Colorado for a month-long yoga teacher intensive.

Packing for this trip was complicated. Most of my Colorado clothes will be sent back to Seattle before I leave for Palestine (and yes, I will be referring to the West Bank as Palestine for the duration of this blog. If I had to include all of the names of that tiny piece of land every time I wrote about it, my entries would become exponentially larger). My yoga books will also make the journey home to Washington, lightening my load considerably. On the flip side, I’ll need to pick up a few conservative tops to stuff into my backpack before I head out. In Nablus, women are expected to wear shirts that cover at least to the elbow, and hide at least the collarbones. Scarves will be my friend.

My bag (pictured) and I (not pictured) just landed in Colorado and are taking a bus to blissful yogaland. Cue visions of intense stretching and strengthening, glimpses of enlightenment, the taste of coconut water on my tongue, and the subtle pretending that it will all be just peachy.

And so the journey begins.

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